Digital Film: How-to

By popular demand –

First off, base coat, you know the drill. I frankenpolished the orangey base by mixing orange, yellow, brown and dark red polish, and applied it so that it looks like exposed film – well, sort of, anyway.


Then I painted the ‘frame’ borders using a striper and black acrylic paint. Google images ’35mm film’ for reference. You can totally use a nail polish striper, but acrylic is just easier to deal with.

Then I painted white stripes in the middle of the black lines on the sides, and divided them into sprocket
holes. 35mm has 8 for each frame, but you can do it randomly, no need to be a nazi about it.



Then paint the rest of the fucking owl. JK.

Then I diluted black acrylic paint with water and spread it around the edges of the ‘frames’. Watercolour paints would work even better for this, but I didn’t have any. Then clean up and put some top coat on, and it’s ready for the projector.


And there you go. Film on your digits.



Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who did this sort of stuff:

source: wikipedia


Lately, his work has become the subject of kitsch, as every fashionable lacquerista tries to copy his style onto their nails. So here we are.

Yes my fingers bend in weird ways, you’ll get used to it.

These have been worn for about a week before I remembered to take a picture, that’s why they look like I’ve been gardening.

I used an Oriflame black striper, which rocks until it dries out, and a small-ish brush to apply the rest of the polish colours.


This one is a couple of years old. I used regular polish (lime, dark green, yellow, white) and a small-ish brush. No top coat, because I like texture.

They were all painted like this, they always are, but it’s damn hard to take photos with your left hand. Harder than painting the nails on your right!